Unlock the Potential of Your Biomarkers

At Genomic Focus, our mission is to connect cancer patients and their caregivers with up-to-date information about treatments and clinical trials that target their unique cancer. Our commitment and solutions stem from a deep-rooted personal story.

Matt Reidy

Matt Reidy, Founder

Matt is not just the founder and visionary behind Genomic Focus but also a testament to the profound impact and potential of targeted cancer treatments. As a long-term survivor of a rare cancer called Cholangiocarcinoma, his life story took a hopeful turn with the advent of biomarker testing and advanced targeted and immunotherapy treatments. His experience underscores the pivotal role that genomics plays in revolutionizing cancer outcomes. At Genomic Focus, Matt's journey fuels our dedication to helping cancer patients and their caregivers.

Wei Wang

Wei Wang, Founder

Wei has worked with and known Matt for a long time, and was tremendously touched by his cancer recovery journey. Honestly, how many of us get a second chance in life, really? An admitted outsider to the healthcare industry, he was thrilled to co-found Genomic Focus with Matt in the hopes of making a meaningful difference in the lives of some.